How Will You Be Remembered?

What Steve Believes

Call it a Code...

Events of the past, those we interact with and interact with us, the things we do and the things we do not do make us who we are. Whether you admit it or not we all live by a code. The level of integrity within your code is up to you. If your code is such that we never fail then your code needs work. The level you strive for must always be just outside your reach.

Some of the things I believe...

...God exists.
...God had only one Son and his name was not buddha or muhammad.'s idea of religion has done more harm than good. is the best gift from God.
...a closed door does not necessarily mean you can't get in. is never to late to start over... regardless.
...the word "irregardless" is usually used by highly educated people.
...people who are angry all the time are usually pretty comical
         - especially when they are mad at me.
...big dogs make the best pets.
...the distance between good and exceptional is not far but very difficult to achieve.
...cats have no functional value.
...I have little tolerance for know-it-alls, or incompetence.
...I could never respect anyone who will not accept responsible for his or her mistakes.
...low visibility on the open road is better than good visibility in the kitchen. will never know both sides of the story, even though you think you do.
...everything is going to cost you something... especially if it's free.
...Chinese food is part of an ancient curse.
...Italian food is OK so long as you are not in Italy eating it.
...German food is very good so long as you are in Germany eating it.
...many people are VERY sensitive about their favorite food.
...tomorrow is not going to be as bad as I imagine it will be.
...if you had to go buy a flag after Sep 11th, 2001 you should be ashamed of yourself.
...if you bought a flag after Sep 11th, 2001 you should be proud of yourself.
...if you got a flag after Sep 11th but are still flying it wrong... well... shame on you.
...racial bigotry will NEVER go away, no matter how much we want it to.
...Bill O'Riley is on the right track but he's kinda stuck on himself.
...parents should be the first line supervisor.
...teachers, policeman and fireman should make lots of money.
...we could all get along if we would just shut-up for awhile.
...the sun will more than likely come out tomorrow.
...Bill & Hillary Clinton are felons and should be in jail.
...BMW is the ultimate on four wheels, Harley is the ultimate on two.
...if I did my best, the results don't matter, even if I failed.
...if you do not do something nice for no reason daily you have wasted the day.
...if it weren't for winter being such a pain we would not appreciate the spring.
...if I help someone out of a predicament, they may help me someday.
...most people are nice people but we tend to focus on the bad ones.
...Jane Fonda is an embarrassment.
...heroes are just people, put in extraordinary positions.
...that grass grows WAY too fast.
...mowing interferes with the open road. interferes with the open road.
...meetings rarely accomplish anything, especially if you let someone else talk.
...the job I have is perfect for me, most of the time.
...making a mistake can be a good thing if no one gets hurt and you learn something.
...if you have to resort to yelling you have lost all credibility.
...if you say you are going to do something you better do it.
...that I have failed on numerous occasions to do what I said I would do.
...if I never look at the back of my head in a mirror I will never be bald.
...the media only tells you want they want you to know.
...the Beatles changed music forever.
...if the Beatles hadn't changed it someone else would have eventually.
...Elvis was really not that cool.
...Bob Dylan was way cooler than Elvis.
...people who think Cher is a good performer should see a therapist.
...I am ashamed to say most men are easily fooled.
...when faced with the choice of working or riding I will ride.
...I may never be famous.
...Ice Cream is one of the major food groups.
...the internet is a good thing... sometimes.
...the internet is a bad thing... sometimes.
...that every one should own a gun and know how to use it.
...newsgroup spammers should have at least three fingers cut off each hand.
...pop-up screens for advertisements should be against the law and punishable by imprisonment.
...mauve is not really a color.
...Elvis is really dead and has been for a very long time. are overrated but nieces and nephews are like gold and silver (sometimes).
...offensive driving is way more fun than defensive driving.
...this is probably boring many of you to death!
...National Geographic is the best magazine.
...there used to be UFOs but we scared them away.
...I've made some really stupid decisions in my life.
...the condition of the Earth is our fault.
...time spent angry is wasted.
..."hooah" is a good answer for most anything.
...talking behind peoples backs is not an admirable habit.
...yelling at me will NEVER get me to do what you want me to do.
...when faced with a steam roller cats will use up all nine lives.
...wild animals should stay that way.
...outspoken actors need to shut up and do what they do best.. pretend.