How Will You Be Remembered?

What Margie Believes

Call it a Code...

Events of the past, those we interact with and interact with us, the things we do and the things we do not do make us who we are. Whether you admit it or not we all live by a code. The level of integrity within your code is up to you. If your code is such that we never fail then your code needs work. The level you strive for must always be just outside your reach.

Some of the things I believe...

...a gentleman will always open the door for a lady.
...anyone in the military is already a hero.
...Americans are the friendliest people in the world.
...Americans are the most courteous drivers in the world.
...Italians and Latin Americans are the worst drivers in the world.
...Americans are the worst dressers in the world.
...Italians are the best dressers in the world.
...the Chinese are the best photographers in the world.
...the Japanese are the best hikers in the world. have not fully experienced a hike until you have picked a wildflower, or picked up a small rock to examine it.
...traveling is the best education a person can experience.
...Except for French pastries, Americans can out-cook Europeans in a heartbeat.
...Europeans understand flowers and lace.
...everyone should travel outside the United States at least once in their lifetime. is better to give flowers to people while they are still alive.
...always keep the living room neat, you never know when someone will come to visit. is more fun to have dinner at someone's home than in a restaurant. should learn small talk (I have a problem with this one).
...women should try not to talk so much (hooah).
...children should be given a place in the conversation but not allowed to dominate it.
...always take a Sunday afternoon nap.. it makes a big difference in the week.
...getting an email is not as nice as getting a handwritten letter on beautiful stationery with a beautiful stamp.
...writing a letter is a lost art.
...writing is a lost art.
...beautiful handwriting is a lost art.
...a quiet, courteous, well behaved child is a wonder to behold.
...a person who loves little dogs can learn to love a big dog.
...a dog lover should never marry a cat lover.
...if you don't like someone's cooking cover it up with mashed potatoes and eat it anyway so as not to offend. should enjoy someone else's story and not try to top it with your own.
...when you go for an interview make sure your fingernails are clean.
...there is no excuse for yelling at anyone, ever!!!!!!'re never to old to go to college.
...treat everyone with courtesy and respect, whether they deserve it or not. should look at someone when they are speaking and concentrate on listening to what they say.
...when you shake hands or smile, you should do it with warmth and sincerity or not at all.
...learn to love people. It's what life is all about.
...I believe in God can feel the closest to God when you walk a beach.
...a truly educated person has read through the Bible at least once.
...God is as close as a prayer.
...God will speak to you if you get quiet enough to listen.