How Will You Be Remembered?

In 2010 I heard about an event called the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge, a 10,000 mile endurance ride that spanned the back roads of the U.S. pitting riders against themselves and the elements.

At the time I could not think of anything cooler. In 2013 I got the opportunity to ride the Challenge and it was everything I thought and more.

The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge
An event like no other.


The Hoka Hey Challenge is Painful, Awesome, Frustrating, Exciting, Gruelling, Life Changing, ...did I mention AWESOME!

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Solitary - Without the Confinement

A feeble attempt at explaining my experiences before, during and after the 2013 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge.


"Solitary - Without the Confinement" can be purchased from Amazon or through your local book outlet. Currently available in Hardback, Softcover, or E-Book. In the very near future it will only be available in E-Book format.

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The Three Meter Zone

I came across "The Three Meter" zone when I was appointed as a First Sergeant (1SG) in the US Army. I've always felt being a 1SG was the best job in the Army; but it is not an easy job. This book literally taught me everything I needed to know. Not how to do the day to day paperwork associated with the position, but rather it laid the foundation needed to be a 1SG, the attitude, demeanor, and temperament. This book should be required reading at the earliest stages of a leader's development. It applies itself to military and corporate philosophies and can be purchased through Amazon. Don't discard the thought of reading this only because you are not military.

American Journal

An assembly of writers with an ability to make you think.

If you prefer to let others think for you then the American Journal is not for you..

I was content being single...

I believe if you are not content with yourself you will never be content with your spouse, or anyone for that matter.


Married 22 September 1990

...she made it better than content.

The Secret

The secret to a happy marriage is,

"Trust in God, and never sweat the little things!"

Margie's nightmare Dream!

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Margie's Site

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Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge

As a rider of the iron horse there are a very few events that draw my undivided attention. The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is one such event. It is not for the weak, it is not for the casual rider, it is designed to break you and leave you curled up in the fetal position whispering pitiful moans for our mommie. But it is AWESOME.

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The American Journal

The American Journal is a premier Blog site started by JD Pendry. JD has adopted some great staff writers (and one maybe not so great) who compile thoughts and narratives specific to people who are self motivated and are not keen to live their lives being spoon feed by the agenda driven media.

Our society is crumbling, if you don't see that then you are part of the problem. People are quick to say, "...all it takes is for everyone to come together and help each other..." but very few actually do; they expect that from others.

It's really not that hard. Even the little things matter - yielding the right of way in traffic, opening or holding a door, saying thank you, please, and excuse me.

Maybe even step out
and do more than just the little things.


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YouTube Channel

As meager as it is I have a YouTube Channel. Nothing special about that; if you have a camera and an internet connection I suspect you have a YouTube Channel too. I even uplaod videos form time to time... Just Another Lousy Production is a work in progress. Can't say it's a business because the intent is to not charge for a service. If you need assistance in creating a video please ask. However, the video in question needs to be for a good cause like a worthwhile charity. I should add here it should be a charity I personally would be willing to give my time to.

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